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If working longer is your retirement plan, let us offer you some financial advice.

Putting off retirement planning could mean putting off your retirement. An advisor can help you identify your retirement goals, and develop a strategy to get you there.

Avoid nevertirement. Talk to an advisor about a retirement plan that works for you.

Why work with an advisor?

Whatever retirement means to you, you need to financially prepare for it.

We offer comprehensive financial advice and solutions to help you successfully save towards your goals.

62% of Canadians are worried about having enough money in retirement1

32% of working Canadians have never put aside money for retirement, including 1 in 5 pre-retirement workers2

50% of Canadians aged 55-64 say they'll need to push back their intended retirement date3

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What can I expect?

A quick 15-minute consultation will help us match you with the right advisor based on your unique situation — where you're at, where you're heading and when you hope to get there.

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What happens next?

Once you've been matched, an advisor will work with you to understand your personal circumstances and goals through our deep discovery process. With regular contact, we’ll help you achieve those goals and manage your long term needs.


Book your 15-minute appointment

Call us at 1-888-597-1083, or fill in the form below and an advisor will call you to book your consultation.


Expert advice for every stage of your retirement

Make the most of your retirement planning with these smart strategies.

Balancing act: How to save for retirement while paying down debt

Is it better to pay off your debt or save money for retirement? It's a dilemma many Canadians face daily.

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Our retirement savings calculator will help you understand how much you'll have and how much you'll need.


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  • 162% of Canadians are worried about running out of money after retiring | Source:
  • 232% of Canadians have never set aside money for retirement | Source:
  • 3Over 50% of Canadians aged 55-64 say they will need to push back their intended retirement date | Source: