• Personal Banking Fees


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Account Related Fees

Account closing within 90 days$25
Transfer balance of account$25
Bank confirmation - standard$30*
Bank confirmation - comprehensive$50 per hour*
Change of signer$25
Cheque retrieval / Record search - in branch$3*
Cheque retrieval / Record search - comprehensive$50 per hour*
Non-sufficient funds (NSF) cheque or pre-authorized debit$45
Chargeback (deposit NSF cheque)$6
Unauthorized overdraft charges (per item)$5
Overdraft protection (per month)$2
Postdated cheques (per item)$3
One-time fee after 18 months of inactivity$42.50
Inactive account (per month after 18 months)$2.50
Mailed statement (per month)$2
Order duplicate printed statement$50
In-branch statement printout$5
Stop payment (in-branch & electronic)$13
Utility bill trace$10
Failed auto fee$5
Counter cheque - encoded (per 4 cheques)$2*
Order cheques (standard) - 50Cost
Order cheques (standard) - 100Cost
Unencoded cheque$10
Cheque written in U.S. funds on CAD account$10
Foreign currency / Cheque ATM deposit$5
Administer and settle estate account$100*
Telephone requests to transfer funds between accounts$5

Office Cheques & Draft Fees

(Available to members only)

Office cheque$8
U.S. drafts$8
Foreign currency drafts$8

Duplicate official receiptFREE
Plan closed within 6 months$50
Full transfer out and plan closed$50
Partial transfer of plan$50

​Wire Transfers

(Fees as of Jul. 20, 2021)

Incoming CDN currency wire transfer$15
Incoming USD currency wire transfer (fee in U.S. dollars)$15 USD
Outgoing CDN currency wire transfer$25
Outgoing USD currency wire transfer (fee in U.S. dollars)$25 USD
Outgoing wire transfer (currency other than CDN or USD)$25

Safety Deposit Boxes

(Deposit box rental price is per year and excludes taxes)

1.5" x 4.5"$40*
1.5" x 5"$40*
2.5" x 5"$60*
4" x 5"$70*
2.5" x 10"$85*
5" x 5"$85*
5" x 10"$150*
Lost key replacement$20*
Drilling safety deposit box$200*

Letters (bank, immigration, reference, interest)$30*
Non-member transaction$5

Night Deposit
Per 100 bags$30*
Lost key replacement$15*

*applicable taxes may apply to some services

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