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Whether you have words of praise, encouragement or suggestions on how we can improve, we'd like to hear from you. Call our Member Advice Centre toll-free at 1-888-597-1083, contact your advisor or branch manager or send us an email!

Resolve your concerns

Listening and responding to member concerns helps us get better – and reflect our commitment to our members and service. At Island Savings, members matter most. 

1. Expressing and resolving your concerns

Contact your Advisor, Branch Manager, or the Member Advice Centre to work with you and to resolve your concern. Our Member Advice Centre can put you in touch with your branch and Branch Manager. 

Member Advice Centre:

2. Escalating your concerns

If you are not satisfied with the resolution reached through your Advisor, Branch Manager or the Member Advice Centre, you can refer your concern to the President's office.

Office of the President:

3. Sharing your concerns with the Board of Directors

You may wish to appeal your situation further by contacting your Board of Directors. 

Board of Directors:

4. The BC Financial Services Authority

You may contact the BC Financial Service Authority if we have not resolved your concern to your satisfaction. 

BC Financial Services Authority:
Phone: 604-660-3555 or 1-866-206-3030
Online submission: Online Form

BC Financial Services Authority 
2800 - 555 West Hastings Street 
Vancouver BC, V6B 4N6

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