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We have partnered with Clover to deliver the newest and most reliable Clover payment solutions, along with guaranteed savings.  


If Clover cannot beat your current processing fees, you will earn a $1,000 Visa® gift card1. Find out why thousands of small business owners in Canada have switched to Clover.

 Visit Clover's website or contact your Business Banking Advisor for details.  

​Clover Gets Small Businesses

From contactless point-of-sale devices and online payments to tracking inventory and engaging with loyal customers—and everything in between, Clover helps small businesses thrive through every stage of business growth.



Hardware, software and payment processing—an all-in-one solution. 

Offer All Types of Payments

Accept swipe, chip, and contactless payments securely with built-in Clover Security. Clover also has the ability to integrate with existing POS Systems.

Inventory Management

Optimize your inventory with real-time updates and low-stock alerts. Keep your inventory organized and accessible with categories and labels.  

Order Management

Keep track of every order taken. If you have multiple devices, the Orders app records orders from every device. Incomplete orders are saved: you can open, add payments, refund, or delete an incomplete order. 

Stay Connected

Enabled to use WiFi, LTE and IP on one device. Use your Clover in your restaurant, on the patio and for deliveries.

Custom Configurations

Add your logo, website and personal message to your payment receipts. Customize tips. Print, email or text receipts to customers. 

Robust Reports

Track sales as they come in, wherever you need to run your business whether on the floor, at the office, or on the road. Information at-a-glance: from hourly sales and top-selling items to refund and discount volume at or on the Clover Dashboard mobile app. 

Employee Management

Control employee permissions and manage employee shifts on the Clover or via the Clover Dashboard.

Clover App Market

Access tools that help simply business tasks—from orders, bookkeeping and accounting, loyalty and gift cards, and much more.


To learn more, visit Clover's website.



Contact your Business Banking Advisor or the experts at Clover.