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We’re excited to be continuing #SimpleGenerosity – celebrating and recognizing amazing volunteers! Throughout the year, we’re selecting 40 volunteers who are devoted to developing positive and vibrant communities. It's easy to get involved.

Nominate an inspiring volunteer and they could be eligible to make a $1,000 donation, courtesy of First West Credit Union, to the non-profit or charity of their choice.

When completing your nomination form, tell us what makes your nominee great:

  • Where do they volunteer?
  • How long have they been volunteering?
  • How do they spread Simple Generosity in our community?
  • What makes them an exceptional volunteer?

Nominate online now through our partner Do Some Good or dowload a PDF nomination form.

If filling out a PDF form, completed nomination forms can be emailed to: simplegenerosity@firstwestcu.ca;

or mailed to:
First West Credit Union
​Attn: Susan Byrom
​184 Main Street
​​Penticton, BC  V2A 8G7​

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Nomination Guidelines

  • Nominees do not need to be members of First West Credit Union.
  • Self-nominations are permitted.
  • #SimpleGenerosity recipients will be required to designate $1,000 to a charitable organization (of their choice), located in a qualifying community* where First West operates.
  • Charitable organizations must be registered with the Canada Revenue Agency, be a community foundation, a non-profit organization registered with the BC Societies Act, or a publically funded school, university or college.
  • 40 recipients of the #SimpleGenerosity grant will be selected throughout the year.

*Qualifying communities

Greater Victoria, Cowichan Valley, Ladysmith, Salt Spring and Pender Island, and Nanaimo  

Legal Requirements

In submitting the nomination form, the Applicant/Nominee agrees to let First West Credit Union and its divisions (including Envision Financial, Enderby & District Financial, Island Savings and Valley First) use the information and images provided to profile this volunteer and the organization on the First West websites and social media channels, should the nomination be successful.

The Applicant must notify the nominee that they have been nominated for this award.

  • Donations are not payable to an individual.
  • Individuals who are nominated and selected for a volunteer award will be required to designate their award to a charitable organization of their choice.
  • The designated charity will be located in a community where First West operates
  • By submitting this nomination form the applicant gives First West Credit Union and its divisions right permission to publish his her name details of as captured for Simple Generosity campaign.
  • If your Nominee is selected as a winner, you will be contacted by a member of our Community Investment team.
  • The Nominee will be required to give consent for the use of his/her likeness and image for promotional purposes. If the Nominee is not able to grant consent, the award will be designated to a charity of First West Credit Union's choice.
  • Non-profit or charitable organizations must be registered with the CRA or registered with the BC Societies Act.

If this nomination is successful, the Applicant/Nominee acknowledges and agrees to the following:

  • If possible, to join First West Credit Union and its divisions at a cheque presentation to the selected non-profit organization.
  • First West Credit Union is entitled to all rights of ownership in connection with the use of the Applicant/Nominee’s image and he/she waives all rights related to that image.
  • Any photographs or video recordings of the Applicant/Nominee may be edited, altered, copied, published, republished or distributed to third parties, now and in the future, worldwide via DVDs, the internet or other public setting. The Applicant/Nominee waives any right to inspect or approve the finished product where his/her image or likeness appears.
  • The Applicant/Nominee waives any right to receive royalties or other compensation arising from or related to the use of his/her image.
  • First West Credit Union may use the Applicant/Nominee’s name for any purpose in connection with the use of his/her image, including on printed material, video, streaming media or broadcast.


Have a question that’s not on this list? Submit it to simplegenerosity@firstwestcu.ca.

How do I nominate a volunteer online through Do Some Good?
Submit your online nomination form through our partner, Do Some Good. If you don’t already have a Do Some Good profile, you will be asked to authenticate yourself by inputting a valid email address. Once submitted, you’ll be invited to continue your journey to Do Some Good in your community, building your own volunteer profile so you can show your support for charitable organizations that matter to you.

We joined Do Some Good in 2014, and have since been working together to positively impact our communities through volunteer engagement.

I want to share #SimpleGenerosity with someone who might be interested. What’s the best way to do that?
That’s great news! We’re excited that you’re excited about the program. Share #SimpleGenerosity with others in one of several ways:

  • Send them the link to the program details on our website.
  • Ask any of our in-branch team members for program information. They’ll point you in the right direction.
  • Direct them to our #SimpleGenerosity page on Do Some Good.

Do I need to notify my nominee before I submit my application? What if I want it to be a surprise?
We’ll be publishing and promoting the stories of our volunteers on our social media channels and Do Some Good. Because of this, we recommend that you notify your nominee that you are submitting an application on their behalf. That said, we love surprises too! If your nominee is selected, and you haven’t notified them about the application, we will connect with them directly to ensure they’re OK with having their story told, so to respect their privacy.

If #SimpleGenerosity selects 40 volunteers, why haven’t I seen someone selected from my community yet?
We'll be selecting 40 outstanding nominees from communities throughout B.C., in regions where First West Credit Union operates. Awards will be announced throughout the year.  Stay connected to our social channels and Do Some Good to be inspired by all the good things happening from volunteers across B.C.

What happens after I submit my nomination?
All nominations will be reviewed by a selection committee of enthusiastic First West employees representing each of our divisions. Once submitted, nominations will remain eligible through two selection reviews, a period of right months from the date of submission.

Can I submit more than one nomination?
Absolutely! We encourage you to submit applications for every volunteer who is making a difference in their community.

If my nominee volunteers for multiple organizations, can they be selected more than once? 
No, volunteers can only be selected once for #SimpleGenerosity. However, it’s possible that multiple volunteers will choose to direct their donation towards the same charitable organization. There’s no limit to how many times an organization can be chosen by successful nominees.

Who can I call to find out if my nominee is going to be selected?
In addition to profiling the winners, we’ll be giving shout outs to “notable nominations” on Do Some Good. We appreciate each and every application, and are so inspired by these stories that we want to showcase as many positive volunteer stories as possible.

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