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Recently, we asked you to share some family stories and we've been inspired by the hundreds of wonderful ideas you sent us about spending time together. For our first round of #SimpleGenerosity donations and surprises, we've used your ideas to award $50,000 to local community groups - and we’re still finding ways to pay-it-forward!

NEXT: more of our 1 million dollar program!

We'll soon be collecting your Comments of Kindness to thank and support the registered charities that help your community thrive. Check back as of May 25 for a way to send $25 of thanks to help someone thrive.

dad teaching boy to play the guitar
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Don't miss the next round of Simple Generosity!

​We believe in the power of partnership, working together to achieve social impact and make a difference in our communities.

Learn more about Simple Generosity


​Over the past year, we’ve seen people, businesses and non-profits cope with new demands and challenges. For many, it’s been harder to thrive and we want to help alleviate financial hardship through the power of community-helping-community.

In 2021, our Simple Generosity program is magnifying it’s impact by adding a million-dollar giving program!


We've just wrapped up our family-focused campaign right now, and three more of waves of support are still to come this year: 

​Uplifting our communities

At this time of considerable need, we’re finding even more ways to help charitable organizations in our hometowns thrive.

Coming: May 25 to July 31

​Keeping the future in mind

The places we’ll go tomorrow start with the things we learn today. In 2021, we’ll empower more people to expand their knowledge and skills.

Coming: August 10 to September 23

​Taking care of businesses

The shops and services in our neighbourhoods are a vital part of our economic story and this year we will help them write a new chapter.

Coming: October 4 to November 29

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Everything is easier with a little help.

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