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$180,000 of #LearningPotential

If you could learn something new today that would help you thrive, what would it be? In 2021, more good things are happening through our Simple Generosity program – including helping people in our local communities grow their knowledge and opportunities.

Throughout August and September, we’re making ‘aha’ moments happen, supporting skill development, encouraging self-taught study, and fostering education. Why? We believe in the power (and joy) of life-long learning.

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Discover how Island Savings is helping give $180,000 to elevate your, and your community’s, #LearningPotential.

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​We believe in the power of partnership, working together to achieve social impact and make a difference in our communities.

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Over the past year, we’ve seen people, businesses and non-profits cope with new demands and challenges. For many, it’s been harder to thrive and we want to help alleviate financial hardship through the power of community-helping-community.

In 2021, our Simple Generosity program is magnifying it’s impact by adding a million-dollar giving program, and we've completed two waves already. You can participate in our thriving minds campaign right now, with one final wave of support still coming later this year.


Complete! $140,000 for families

Recently, we asked you to share stories about how your family thrives together. Hundreds of comments inspired us to pay-it-forward with community donations.

Complete! Over 330 charities supported

Through the comments of kindness you left on our social media posts, we’ve paid $100,000 forward to over 330 different charities who serve our communities and help them thrive.

​Taking care of businesses

The shops and services in our neighbourhoods are a vital part of our economic story and this year we will help them write a new chapter.

Coming: October 4 to November 29