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You worked hard to grow your business; don't leave it vulnerable. Our insurance solutions can help protect what you've built.


Can your business survive if you or other key employees were unable to work? The unexpected can happen—our insurance solutions can help cover your business expenses as well as protect the people who drive success.

Talk to one of our life & disability specialists. They will work with you to select the policy best suited to your business needs.




Critical Illness Insurance

Critical Illness insurance pays a significant lump sum, tax-free benefit to you if you are diagnosed with a condition covered in your policy and survive 30 days after diagnosis. You can choose coverage from $25,000 up to $2 million and use the benefits however you wish:

  • Go out of the country for medical treatment or pay for private nursing
  • Modify your home or move to a home more appropriate for your condition
  • Stay home longer before returning to work
  • Allow a family member to take a leave from work to help you recover
  • Pay off your mortgage and bills, or even retire early

Additional optional features

  • Return of Premium at Surrender will reimburse your premiums if you are not diagnosed with a critical illness after a certain period of time, usually 15 years or at a specified age
  • Return of Premium at Death will refund premiums paid to your estate or named beneficiary if you pass away without becoming eligible for the insurance benefit
  • Children’s Critical Illness riders can provide insurance for all of your children under a certain age with one small additional premium



Key Person Insurance

Key Person insurance is designed to protect the health of your business in the event that you, or another crucial employee, pass away or are no longer able to work.

  • This is a life or disability policy placed on you (the owner), a director or an employee of your company who is crucial to your business, where the business or a related party (such as a shareholder or lender) is the beneficiary.
  • The policy would provide funds to your business to give it time to react to your absence, or the absence of another critical employee. It could be used to pay off debts or finance losses.


Island Savings Wealth Management is a division of FW Wealth Management Ltd. which is a wholly owned subsidiary of First West Credit Union. FW Wealth Management Ltd. is a licensed life insurance agency offering financial planning, life insurance and investments. All insurance products are subject to the limitations, terms and conditions in the applicable policy or insurance contract in force at the time of purchase or enrollment and applicable legislation. The products sold through FW Wealth Management Ltd. are not guaranteed or insured by a deposit insurer.