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On June 21 we’re making some adjustments to our online banking experience and you’ll see some small changes as a result, however, it won’t affect your access to online banking or your debit card. 

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  • Cheques and pre-authorized payments (i.e. insurance payments and payroll deposits) will process as usual
  • Scheduled transfers (i.e. from chequing to savings accounts) will still take place
  • Scheduled online bill payments, including your post-dated online bill payments will process as usual except for pending bill payments on business online banking
  • Access to eStatements


If you have a personal account with us:

  • Access to your online banking history will be reduced to one year, however, access to your eStatement history remains for up to seven years
  • You may be asked to reset your password and your security authentication questions and answers upon logging into online banking
  • If you use the Memorized Account feature in online banking or the Quick View feature on the mobile app, you will need to set these up again

If you are a business online banking or small business online banking user:

  • Any transactions in pending status will automatically be cancelled on June 21, 2020
  • All delegates on your account will be required to set up their increased authentication security questions and answers again
  • You may no longer be able to view your personal account when logging into your business account. To view all your accounts, you can do so now through the account consolidation feature offered through Online Banking.
  • If you have multiple memberships, you may notice a difference in how they are displayed upon login. The account consolidation feature offered through Online Banking can assist you.

To better understand how these changes may impact you, please call our Member Advice Centre at 1-888-597-1083.

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