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Renovating Your Home

Whether you’re repairing your roof or converting your unused basement into a suite for the in-laws, we can help you with your home renovation plans.



  • Check with your municipal building department to determine if the renovations you're planning are allowed under current zoning and by-laws and that they conform to building code.
  • If your changing the structure of your home, it’s a good idea to use an architect so that your plans are structurally sound and the overall design will look well-balanced.


  • There may be some tasks that must be performed by certified tradespeople in accordance with local by-laws.
  • Renovating can be time consuming and costly. For larger jobs, consider hiring a full-service renovator, who can take responsibility for the entire process. A contractor will obtain permits, draw up plans, hire laborers and supervise all work being done.

Financial considerations

  • Before undertaking any renovation project you will need to have a clear understanding of the costs involved.
  • You should obtain at least three estimates for the work from qualified contractors. Anticipate spending an additional 10-15% for unexpected costs.


You may want to renegotiate your mortgage or apply for a personal loan. We can help you decide the best finance plan for your renovations.

Get rebates for an eco-friendly renovation


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