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Fraud Prevention Tips

FRAUD: Recognize it. Report it. Stop it. We encourage you to review some quick tips and helpful resources that will help you protect yourself from becoming the victim of fraud.



Useful Tips

Identity Theft

Refrain from giving personal information or account numbers to anyone until you have confirmed the identity of the person asking for it.  It is also a good idea to shred all documents containing your personal information.

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Online Fraud

Beware of phishing emails that appear to come from legitimate businesses or financial institutions and don't click on links in these emails as these links go to fraudulent websites and any information obtained from you will be used to commit fraud.

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Cheque Fraud & Scams

Lock and secure your cheques; never leave them in a vehicle or area where they can be easily obtained; or if someone sends you a cheque, asks you to deposit the money in your account, and then requests you forward most of the funds by wire transfer or money order elsewhere, be alert!

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Card Fraud

When choosing a personal identification number (PIN) for your debit card or a personal access code (PAC) for online banking don't choose obvious numbers such as your date/year of birth, address, telephone number or SIN and never lend your card out to anyone, including friends and family.

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Be vigilant

Check your account statements regularly and monitor your bills and accounts for unusual activity. If you suspect that you have been a victim of fraud where it pertains to your account(s) with Island Savings, please contact your branch right away.

Receive Mobile/Email Alerts on Your Account Activity

Stay on top of your account activity with Account Alerts. Right now, we have several alerts available which can help protect you against potential fraud on your account and also let you know when we've got a special offer for you.

  • Log in to online banking

    If someone logs into your online banking account, we’ll send you an alert. If you weren’t the one who logged in, you can let us know right away.

  • Add a new e-Transfer recipient

    We’ll alert you if a new e-Transfer recipient has been added. This will help you detect possible fraud on your account.

  • Personal Access Code (PAC) changed

    If your PAC is changed, we'll alert you. If this transaction wasn't authorized by you, you'll be able to report it to us immediately.

  • New bill payee added

    We’ll alert you if a new bill payee has been added to your account options in online banking. This is useful to you in tracking fraud on your account since fraudulent activity commonly involves the transfer of funds out of an account to a bogus vendor.

  • New message available

    If you sign up for this alert, you'll be the first to know about our special offers and other important messages.

Set up is simple! Click here for more information about setting up your email or mobile phone to receive these alerts.


Helpful Resources

BC Crime Prevention Association
An educationally-based crime prevention campaign, aimed at preventing fraud and reducing the fear of crime throughout the province.

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Counterfeit Currency
How you can tell if money is counterfeit, and what you should do if it is.

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The Canadian Anti-Fraud Call Center (formerly known as Phonebusters)
Find out the latest emerging fraud trends, advice on protecting yourself and a victim's guide that will help you recover from fraud loss.

Learn more

BC Securities Commission's Invest Right Website
Find out more on avoiding investment frauds and scams.

Learn more

Government of Canada's Public Safety Website
Get public safety tips on a variety of topics

Learn more

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