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Socially Responsible Investing

There are many decisions and choices to be made when it comes to investing. With Genus Fossil Free, you're able to choose investments that align with your values. Make a shift to fossil fuel free investing today.

Socially and Environmentally Responsible Investing

Invest in things closest to you

The effects of climate change have triggered a global divestment movement that is seeing people directing their money away from greenhouse gas polluters and into investments that align with their values. Socially Responsible Investing (SRI) is an opportunity to achieve your financial goals while making a positive impact on people, on companies and on the environment.

Invest in what matters

In partnership with Genus Capital Management Island Savings investment advisors are able to provide access to exclusive Fossil Free investment options to our high-net-worth members, both individual and institutional, who are seeking divestment from fossil fuels and those wanting to make the world better through social impact investing choices.

Vancouver-based Genus Capital Management has been offering innovative and sustainable investment solutions for more than 25 years and is a pioneer in Canada’s divest-invest movement. The Genus suite of 100 percent fossil fuel free portfolios was developed in collaboration with leading environmental organizations to address the needs of investors concerned about climate change.

Go beyond responsible investing

In investment management, environmental, social and governance (ESG) refers to the three central factors in measuring the sustainability and ethical impact of a publicly traded company. Not all ESG funds are the same. Some ESG and ethical funds include natural gas, or even oil and gas and mining companies, in their portfolios. Your Island Savings advisor works with your Genus Portfolio Manager to develop your personalized investment plan.

By choosing to go Fossil-Free you are choosing to:

  • Invest in companies with a strong commitment to ESG issues.
  • Exclude companies with a high carbon footprint and all companies directly involved in extracting, processing and transporting oil, coal and gas.
  • Invest in global companies that are leaders in renewable energy, and working with industries committed to mitigating climate change.
  • Invest in the best-of-best companies from around the world, combining Canadian and international stocks from the top industries in each region to achieve a complete fossil free portfolio that works for Canadians in an energy-based economy.

Best part? With socially responsible investments, you are not sacrificing financial returns. You are just choosing to do well while you are doing good.

Ready to invest? Our investment advisors will be happy to help you go fossil free!


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