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Long Term Care Insurance

This insurance is for you if:

  • you'd like to face your retirement years without fear.
  • you feel that your health may result in a loss of income.
  • you have better things to worry about—like how to entertain your
    grandchildren this weekend.


Key Features & Benefits

Should you experience a serious health setback and be unable to care for yourself, Long Term Care insurance*:

  • Offsets the costs associated with receiving ongoing health care at home, in a nursing home or assisted living facility
  • Provides a daily benefit that allows you, your spouse or your family to choose the type of care that’s most appropriate for your circumstances
  • Allows your spouse to continue living in the manner to which he/she is accustomed
  • Preserves your assets (including your home and savings)
  • Benefits your family by taking the financial worry out of long-term health care, and providing alternatives to at-home care by family members
  • Benefit periods of varying lengths are available
  • Daily/monthly limits
  • Premiums are returned to your estate if the coverage is never used
  • Inflation protection for yourself

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General Costs

In general, several things contribute to the cost of long-term care insurance:

  • The health of the individual
  • Family health history
  • Your age
  • Your occupational class
  • The benefit amount

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