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Mobile Home Insurance

This insurance is for you if:

  • you own a mobile home and you want to protect it.
  • you want to ensure your belongings are replaced if they are stolen.
  • you're worried about your mobile home becoming a house boat
    during flood season.


Key Features & Benefits

  • Enables you to repair/replace or get actual cash value for your mobile home
  • Allows you to replace your property if it is destroyed, stolen or damaged, where applicable
  • Covers injuries that happen to other people or their property while in your home if you're liable for the injury
  • Covers your additional living expenses if you're forced to leave your home because of a claim

All policies feature:

  • Minimum $2 million in liability coverage
  • Choice of deductibles
  • Flexible payment options

What You'll Need to Bring

Whether you have an appointment booked with us already, or you're just dropping by, it is important that you bring the following documents with you when you visit us so that we can provide you with the best home insurance solution possible.

  • Current homeowner policy or renewal documents
    Current coverage – policy information and special coverage for items like jewelry, art and watercraft.
  • Home appraisal or home inspection report
    General dwelling information – age, size, any out buildings that may need coverage, materials used for finishing like roof, electrical, plumbing, heating, flooring, hot water tank and wood stove.

If you don’t have these documents, don’t worry. Our insurance experts will help you to find the answers.


As a full service insurance broker, Island Savings Insurance will provide you with the best rates possible for the coverage you need. Members who bank with our First West Credit Union Island Savings division, will receive a 10% discount on home insurance policies.

General Costs

In general, several things contribute to the cost of mobile home insurance:

  • Amount of coverage
  • Age of mobile
  • Your choice deductible
  • Your claim record
  • Variety of discounts available
  • What type and how much additional coverage you choose

Member Perk! Our members can save up to an EXTRA 20% on their home insurance with Right For Me™ home insurance—ask your insurance advisor about this exclusive member offer. Please note that the online quote reflects the 20% discount.

For more information on rates, call or visit one of our insurance locations today.


Things to Consider

  • How much would it cost to replace your mobile home at today's prices?
  • What would it cost to replace the contents of your home? Record the contents of your home with our household inventory checklist.
  • What kind of protection do you have against liability claims?
  • Do you have items that should be insured with additional coverage (i.e. silverware, jewelry, boat, laptop)?
  • Do you operate a "home based" business?

Payment Options

Methods of Payment

  • Pay upfront—if you've got the money saved, you can pay the premium in full on the policy effective date.
  • Pay monthly—if you'd like to spread the insurance cost over 12 equal monthly payments.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Personal Cheques
  • Debit Cards
  • MasterCard®
  • VISA


Need to make a claim?

No problem. Here's how to report or inquire about your insurance claim.

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