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Staffing & Payroll Considerations

Non-profit organizations depend on paid staff support, plus community volunteers who donate their time to furthering the non-profit cause. Without these people, fundraising efforts will be challenging.


Recruiting volunteers

  • Many people are unable to help out a non-profit organization by donating money, but are willing to donate their time. These volunteers are a great asset to your non-profit.
  • There are several internet sites devoted to matching volunteers with organizations so that you can find volunteers to assist you.
  • Publicize your non-profit in places where volunteers will be; other volunteer events, local coffee shops, social media sites, etc.

    Remember that each person—whether paid staff, director, or volunteer helper—has an impact on the face of the non-profit. This can be great if you’ve assembled a good team but one bad apple can damage the reputation of your non-profit significantly.

    Volunteer hours

    Many volunteers aren't involved with your organization for strictly altruistic reasons. Some people are required by law or by their profession to record a certain number of volunteer hours. Others may be looking for experience in a field related to your organization, hoping to spruce up their resume. In any case, it’s important that you don’t count on the continued support of these types of volunteers after they’ve put in the time they need to.

    In addition, it will be important to these types of volunteers that you accurately record the volunteer time that they put in.

    At the same time, these sorts of volunteers may turn out to be your best, especially since those looking to improve their resume or to gain valuable experience may want to use you as a reference when applying for a job in their field.

    Hiring staff

    Aside from volunteers, you will likely require at least a few paid staff. As with any business, hiring staff requires you to carefully decide which jobs you need done, interview prospective employees, and hire the best candidates. Be sure to hire staff that are passionate about the non-profit cause and will be a great fit for your overall team.

    Paying employees

    For your paid employees, you’ll need to set up a payroll plan to keep track of employee hours, wages and salaries. You'll also need to make deductions from their paycheques for income tax, employment insurance and federal pension plans.

    Worker's Compensation costs will also need to be paid to protect your employees in the event that they are injured while on the job. Because of the many issues involved when you hire employees, it's probably a good idea that you outsource your payroll to a payroll company.


    Island Savings has partnered with ADP to bring you simple, economical solutions that can save you time, protect you from compliance violations and improve your productivity. Consider ADP for your payroll needs.

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