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Establishing an Effective Sales Force

If your business becomes too large to run by yourself, you may need to hire extra employees to help out. Here are some tips for being an employer and what to look for when you hire.


Becoming an employer

The first step to becoming an employer is to get a Business Number, which will allow you to deduct income tax, Canada Pension Plan contributions and Employment Insurance premiums from your employee's wages. There are many rules and regulations to becoming an employer; make sure you comply with all of them before you bring new people on board.


Resist the temptation to create complicated compensation plans—it may just frustrate your sales team when they’re trying to figure out how much their paycheque will be; make it simple.

Hiring: what to look for

  • It’s a good idea to hire someone you feel can get the job done but make sure you feel you could get along with the person you hire as well.
  • You need to be careful when interviewing potential employees—avoid asking personal questions in an interview and stick to topics that relate directly to the duties you'll be asking them to perform.
  • It is certainly important to minimize your business expenses, however; it is also important to set a budget for labor costs which will allow you to make the best hiring decisions. It can be less expensive in the long run if you have employees who require less training, do well with little supervision, and are more likely to stay, reducing your turnover rate.
  • Don't rush the hiring process—it's better to spend time interviewing a number of good candidates so you can ensure you’ve got the right person for the job.


Try to link your employee incentives to customer satisfaction—that way, each person in your organization is working toward the ultimate goal; the happy customer.

Where to look

There are a lot of options available to employers when looking for new personnel.

  • Both provincial and federal governments have programs in place to put workers and businesses together, and there are many private employment services that can help you find the right candidate.
  • One of the more successful ways to find an employee is by checking out employment type websites—consider,, or, or you can ask your connections on LinkedIn if they can recommend someone for the job you have open.
  • The one method that has proven most effective overall is finding employees through referrals, acquaintances and other employees. In these cases, a lot of the initial screening process has been done for you. And best of all, it's free.

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