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Business Liability

This insurance is for you if:

  • you own a commercial building or business property.
  • you want to protect yourself from the risk of a claim against your business.
  • you operate a business in a risky environment—better safe than sorry.


Key Features & Benefits

There are many ways that liability insurance can offer coverage to your business, whether it be from liability that arises from negligence that may cause injury to others or property damage from the space your business is renting. Our insurance experts will build a policy that offers the protection necessary for your business’ needs.

Coverage options

  • “Bodily injury and property damage” provides coverage for defense and settlement costs if a lawsuit is brought against the business for injury or property damage.
  • “Products and completed operations” provides coverage for defense and settlement costs as a lawsuit could arise from your business' completed work.
  • “Personal injury” provides protection for defense and settlement costs if a lawsuit is brought against the business from a violation of a person's rights or reputation.
  • “Tenants legal” provides coverage for defense and settlement costs arising from property damage to the business premises you are using, renting or that are in your custody or control.



Island Savings Insurance will provide you with the best rates possible for the coverage you need.

General Costs

  • type of business and industry of operation
  • size of commercial property
  • location of commercial property
  • number of buildings on the property
  • equipment

For more information on rates, call or visit an Island Savings Insurance location today.

Payment Options

Methods of Payment

  • Pay upfront—if you've got the money saved, you can pay the premium in full on the policy effective date.
  • Pay monthly—if you'd like to spread the insurance cost over 12 equal monthly payments.

We accept:

  • Cash
  • Personal Cheques
  • Debit Cards
  • MasterCard®
  • VISA


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