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International Funds Transfer

Backed by International Currency Exchange (ICE), with more than 320 locations across 20 countries, Payline by ICE provides international payments and foreign exchange. Payline by ICE offers lower fees than most banks while ensuring simple, efficient and cost-effective transactions.



Going global with your money?

Payline by ICE can take the stress and expense out of international transfers. With specialized international payment solutions, full-service foreign exchange, convenient technology and a robust global network, Payline by ICE ensures a smooth cross-border transaction right from your home or office.


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What we do

  • Foreign exchange
  • International wires and payments
  • Online payment platform
  • Forward contracts
  • Market watch and currency bids

Plus, Payline by ICE's payments and foreign exchange professionals work with individual and commercial members to understand their needs and keep them in the loop step-by-step as the funds are delivered.

For more information about Payline by ICE, or to set up a new account, visit the Payline by ICE website.

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